OSS/BSS Roadmap


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Rapid.Space Profile


100% software defined 4G/5G

used by 2 out of 5 biggest 5G infrastructure vendors and 1000+ clients

source code available - https://simpleran.org/


SlapOS: Open Source OSS/BSS for vRAN and edge cloud

Used by Rapid.Space, Xunkongjian, Teralab (French Ministry of Economy)



Wendelin: Big Data AI Cloud

used by City of Munich, Woelfel and Deutsche Bank



OSS/BSS Architecture


OSS/BSS Concepts

  • CM: configuration management (incl. inventory)
  • FM: fault management
  • PM: performance management
  • SM: security management
  • CRM: customer relationship management
  • Billing

SlapOS: Self-converging Network


Wendelin: operation data collection and processing


Inside a SlapOS Node


Open Source Components

Component Based on CM PM FM SM Module
ocean dracut       Optional
upgrader ansible       Optional
re6st babel         Optional
SLAP Master ERP5   (✅) Required
SLAP Node slapgrid   Required
Monitoring Tool JIO     Optional
Software Release buildout option option   Required
Wendelin ERP5       Optional
fluentbit agent fluentd       Optional
vRAN promises SlapOS promise       Optional

OSS/BSS Roadmap



pmRrcConnEstabSucc pmRrcConnEstabAtt pmRrcConnEstabAttReatt pmS1SigConnEstabSucc pmS1SigConnEstabAtt pmErabEstabSuccInit pmErabEstabAttInit pmErabEstabSuccInitQci pmErabEstabAttInitQci pmErabEstabSuccAddedQci pmErabEstabAttAddedQci pmErabRelAbnormalEnb pmErabRelAbnormalEnbAct pmErabRelAbnormalMme pmErabRelAbnormalMmeAct pmSessionTimeUe pmErabRelAbnormalEnbQci pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActQci pmErabRelAbnormalMmeQci pmErabRelAbnormalMmeActQci pmSessionTimeDrbQci pmCellHoPrepSuccLteIntraF pmCellHoPrepSuccLteInterF pmCellHoPrepAttLteIntraF pmCellHoPrepAttLteInterF pmCellHoExeSuccLteIntraF pmCellHoExeSuccLteInterF pmCellHoExeAttLteIntraF pmCellHoExeAttLteInterF UtranCellRelation.pmHoPrepSucc GeranCellRelation.pmHoPrepSucc UtranCellRelation.pmHoPrepAtt GeranCellRelation.pmHoPrepAtt UtranCellRelation.pmHoExeSucc GeranCellRelation.pmHoExeSucc UtranCellRelation.pmHoExeAtt GeranCellRelation.pmHoExeAtt pmPdcpVolDlDrb pmPdcpVolDlDrbLastTTI pmUeThpVolDl pmUeThpVolUl pmUeThpTimeDl pmUeThpTimeUl pmRlcDelayTimeDlQci pmRlcDelayPktTransDlQci pmMacHarqDlAckQpsk pmMacHarqDlAck16qam pmMacHarqDlAck64qam pmMacHarqDlAck256qam pmPrbUsedDlBcch pmPrbUsedDlPcch pmPrbUsedDlDtch pmPrbAvailDl pmPdcchCceAggregationDistr pmPdcchMaxCceAvail pmPdcpVolUlSrb pmPdcpVolUlDrb pmCellDownTimeAuto pmCellDownTimeMan pmRadioUeRepCqiDistr pmRadioHomUeRepCqiDistr pmRadioUeRepCqiDistr2 pmRadioHomUeRepCqi2Distr pmRadioUeRepCqiDistr3 pmRadioHomUeRepCqi3Distr pmRadioUeRepCqiDistr4 pmRadioHomUeRepCqi4Distr pmRadioRecInterferencePwr pmPuschHomMcsDistr pmPuschMcsDistr pmPuschMcsVoipDistr


Aggregated Ethernet Link Failure Antenna Connection Problem Calendar Clock NTP Server Unavailable Clock Reference Missing For Long Time Current Too High Downlink TX No Power Detected Ethernet Link Failure External Link Failure External Link to GNodeB Failure FrequencySyncIO Reference Failed IKE Configuration Payload Fault IKE Peer Certificate Fault IKE Peer Not Reachable Link Degraded Link Failure PLMN Service Degraded PLMN Service Redundancy Lost PLMN Service Unavailable Problems to Schedule SI Messages Radio Clock Service in Time Holdover Mode Resource Activation Timeout RF Reflected Power High RX Branch Imbalance Fault RX Diversity Lost SCTP Endpoint Inconsistent Configuration Service Unavailable SFP Stability Problem SFP Not Present Sync Frequency PDV Problem Sync Frequency Reference Not Reliable Sync Frequency Server Reachability Fault Sync PTP Time Availability Fault Sync PTP Time PDV Problem Sync PTP Time Reachability Fault Sync Reference Deviation Sync Reference Quality Level Too Low Sync Time and Phase Accuracy Too Low SyncE Reference Configuration Not Supported SyncE Reference Failed TimeSyncIO Reference Failed VSWR Over Threshold CPRI Loss of Frame


End-to-end Testing


Thank You

  • Rapid.Space
  • 147 Rue du Ballon
  • 59110 La Madeleine
  • France
  • +33629024425
  • contact (@) rapid.space

For more information, please contact Jean-Paul, CEO of Rapid.Space (+33 629 02 44 25).