Resilient 4G/5G: SimpleRAN and Edge


  • Rapid.Space
  • Threats and opportunities in the digital chaos
  • Open Radio Station Applications
  • SimpleRAN technology
  • SimpleRAN success cases
  • SimpleRAN vs. FlexRAN vs. Open RAN vs. O-RAN


Rapid.Space Presentation


Success cases: IaaS & CDN


Success cases: PaaS & Hybrid


Success cases: edge


Threats and opportunities in the digital chaos


The Great Splinternet

Cloud Act (US) • FISA (US) •  FCPA (US) • Great Firewall (CN) • Cybersecurity Law (CN) • GDPR (EU) • DMA (EU) • DSA (EU) • Sanctions etc.

Data vs. Energy

La Tribune

Cloud and 5G are Military

Les Echos

How to Attack A Country...

  • Cut submarine cables happened
  • Shutdown 4G/5G core network happened
  • Shutdown OSS/BSS of cloud happened
  • Shutdown BPG routing mastered
  • Spread Windows virus happened
  • Destroy DC with fire happened
  • Destroy DC with graphite bombs mastered
  • etc.

How can we achieve digital resiliency...

  • Supplier
    • Made in USA (like F-35) → not enough (like Ukraine)
    • Made by Myself
  • Architecture
    • Centralized
    • Decentralized → edge computing, distributed core network 
  • Software
    • Foreign proprietary
    • Open Source or Licensed Source
  • Hardware
    • Single supplier dependency
    • Portable, compact and low energy

5G resiliency with ORS and Starlink

ORS : Open Radio Station

2T2R • 40 MHz • 2x1W • eNb • gNB • epc • 5GC • IMS • OSS/BSS • MCPTT

LTE • NR • LTE + NR • plug-and-play • edge node

B1 • B2 • B3 • B4 • B5 • B7 • B8 • B10 • B12 • B13 • B20 • B25 • B26 • B30 • B38 • B39 • B40 • B41 • B42 (N78) • B43 (N78) • B48 • B49


SDR Card "Made in Wherever"

Analog front-end (AD) • PA • filters • GPS • power supply PoE • supply network


SBC Card "Made in Taiwan" (Intel i5)

SlapOS (OSS/BSS/Edge/Orchestration) • Amarisoft (eNb/gNb/epc/5gc)
re6st (low latency IPv6 feed network)

Interface radio PCI

Open Radio Station Assembly


Open Radio Station Use Cases


100% software defined 4G/5G

used by 2 out of 5 biggest 5G infrastructure vendors and 1000+ clients

source code available -


Open Source OSS/BSS for vRAN and cloud

Used by Rapid.Space, Teralab (French Ministry of Economy)


Big Data AI Cloud

used by City of Munich, Woelfel and Deutsche Bank


Smartphone OS for Full Privacy


To know more


SimpleRAN :

SlapOS :

Amarisoft :

SimpleRAN Sucess Cases


Defense (Airbus)

750+ M€ contract


Public Telco Infrastructure (Viettel)

500+ UEs per cell • vRAN OSS/BSS


Government edge cloud (Teralab)

Open Source (SlapOS) • Open Hardware (OCP)


SimpleRAN vs. FlexRAN vs. Open RAN vs. O-RAN


Dream vs. Reality

  SimpleRAN FlexRAN Open RAN Policy Coalition O-RAN Alliance
Lead by Amarisoft and SMBs Intel US govt Telcos
Used by Telcos • Defense • Industry Telcos • Defense • Industry Telcos Telcos
Purpose Build an efficient RAN alternative Increase Intel CPU sales Kill EU/CN vendors Open RU interface
Vendors Multiple Intel Multiple Multiple
CPU Any Intel Usually Intel N/S
HW accelerator No need Yes Usually yes N/S
NDA No need (?) (?) Yes
Sovereignty Yes No Usually no N/S
Performance Carrier grade Sub carrier grade N/S N/S
Legacy RU Supported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Edge cloud SlapOS N/A N/A K8S



Why SimpleRAN?

  • 100% software
  • Works on all CPUs (Intel, AMD, ARM, Hygon, etc.)
  • No hardware accelerator needed
  • Efficient: 4T4R 100 MHz with 4 cores
  • Stable: deployed on public networks
  • Integrated: from PHY to core network
  • Compact: gNodeB/5G size is a few MB
  • Complete: built-in carrier grade OSS/BSS
  • Edge native: CDN, IoT buffering, etc.
  • Sovereign: open source / source code license

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