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Howto Purchase Equipment

How to purchase equipment which fit into the Rapid Space equipment standard
  • Last Update:2020-06-30
  • Version:003
  • Language:en



  • 21' Open Rack is the preferable option, if the hosting DC only provide 19' traditional rack, ESA Kit (supplied by Mitac) can be used to adapt the existing traditional rack. 

OCP server

  • Tiogapass OCP server (Mitac - New) 
  • Recycled OCP server (IT Renew - Recycled) 


  • model are fixed, the quantity is related to the quantity of ESA Kit and quantity of OCP servers installed in the ESA Kit.


  • In DC with existing traditional rack, a switch is already equipped. (double-check if it support the 10 Gbps between servers)
  • In DC without existing rack, a Switch should be purchased (from Edgecore, etc) to ensure the 10 Gbps between servers. 

Component for OCP server

List of component Specification Requirement Model Examples Quantity needed per OCP server Image
  • >= 10 cores
  • Brand: Intel Xeon
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4114
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4210
  • Total for one server = 256 GB
  • >=2666 Mbps
8/server or 16/server  
big SSD
  • Samsung EVO or EVO Pro
  • >= 3.8 TB
  • (for internal knowledge: target price: 100€ / TB) 
  • MZ7LH3T8HMLT-00005 (datacenter PM883 4TB)
small SSD
  • Brand must be Samsung or Intel
  • Size >= 120 GB
  • NVME
  • MZ-V7S250BW (Samsung SSD 970 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB)
  • Compatible with the server model
  • Mezzanine card compatible with server
  • dual sfp+ 10 Gbps


Remote Maintenance Device

  • "Raspberry Pi"(with power supply)
  • a ethernet cable. 

An example of full set of purchase

Here is the list of everything you will need to build a fully functional 19' 16OU Rapid Space Rack.

Mandatory components

No. Item  name Source Product specification from the source Quantity
1 Tioga Pass-Advanced SKU L10 Mitac

(MPN: 5262C4390025)

TF-SVR; SBU, Tioga Pass, Advanced, L10, MB*1, 2 slot riser*1, LED*1, Xeon Silver 4114 *2, DDR4-2666Mhz 32GB*8, Samsung 2.5" SSD 240G*1, 3.84TB*1, Mellanox 10GbE OCP*1

1-1 Tioga Pass-Advanced SKU L6 x1pc  
1-2 Intel Xeon 4114 (10 Cores) x 2pcs  
1-3 RAM: Samsung 32GB, 2666MHz, 8pcs  
1-4 SSD:Samsung, 240GB 2.5" SATA SSD Samsung PM883 series, MZ7LH240HAHQ-00005(2.5") x1pc  
1-5 4TB SATA drives (MZ7LH3T8HMLT-00005) x1pc  
1-6 Mezz 10GbE Dual-Port (MCX4421A-XCQN) x1pc  
2 19" ESA Kit x 16OU Mitac   1
  19" shelf and 1_to_2 Medusa cable for 19" shelf (ESA with medusa)

(MPN 340C46900025; shelf: 340C46900017)

  • TF-Murata_Rail-moduleX2_Murata-16OU-module;SBU,ESA3 x1set
  • TF-ASSY_2OU-SHELF;SBU,ESA3 x 8 set
3 Murata Power Shelf, including: Mitac    
3-1 19" Powershelf 


TF-TPM;SBU,Murata 19" Power Shelf MWDCES-191-C,POC-Intel RSD

3-2 3pcs of PSU modules (3000W x2 + 1 back up) 


TF-TPM;SBU,Murata 3000W PSU MWOCP74-3000-A-RM,POC-Intel RSD

3-3 RMU

(MPN: 528C46900018)


3-4 installation kit/ rail kit

(MPN: 528C46900019)


4 Single phase power cable Mitac

(MPN 528C43900041)

TF-TPM;SBU, Power cable, 7P HSG TOBP-L630, L=3M, BizLink, TiogaPass

5 Raspberry Pi device Taobao/JD 树莓派套件3b3代B+ Raspberry Pi 3b+3b pi3 3代b套件 1
6 Edgecore 5812-54X Switch Edgecore AS5812-54X, 48-Port 10G SFP+ with 6x40G QSFP+ uplinks, ONIE software installer, Broadcom Trident II+ 720Gbps, Intel Atom C2538 CPU, PHY-Less/re-timer-Less, dual 110-230VAC 400w PSUs and 5 Type D Fan Modules with port-to-power airflow, 2 front rack mounting ears included, 3-year Hardware Warranty 1
7 SFP cable Edgecore


10 Gigabit SFP+DAC 2m cable 30AWG

8 NEMA L6-30R Socket Taobao/JD For modify the PDU 2
9 C13-C14 Cables Taobao/JD For supply the power from the power shelf and outer devices, like switch 2


Item Source Description Quantity
M6 Standard Srrews/Nuts Taobao/JD M6 机柜专用螺丝螺母 80
RJ45 to USB Console Cable Taobao/JD RJ 45到 USB 的调试线 1
Screen (tool) Taobao/JD 戴尔 (DELL)P2319H 23英⼨微边框全⾯屏旋转升降⼴视⻆IPS屏护眼不闪滤蓝光电脑显⽰器17系列升级款 1
Keyboard (tool) Taobao/JD 现代翼蛇(HYesir)HY-MA75键⿏套装 有线键⿏套装 办公键盘⿏标 usb通⽤ 防⽔泼 1
Screw drive (tool) Taobao/JD 超级螺丝⼑⼀字超硬⼯业级重型⼤号加⻓粗⼗字穿芯起⼦ 8⼨⼗字 粗8*200mm 全⻓330mm 1
HDMI cable (tool) Taobao/JD ⻜利浦(PHILIPS)HDMI线2.0版 4K⾼清线 18Gbps 3⽶ SWL6118E/93 1
Graphic card (tool) Taobao/JD 铭瑄(MAXSUN)GeForce GT 710重锤PLUS 2G 64bit/D3 PCI-E 显卡/独显 1
Tools that usually available in datacenters
RJ45 head network cable(back up)     5
Screwdriver   T30 螺丝刀 + 小螺丝刀套装 1
SFP+ to RJ-45 transceiver   必须是万兆光口!千兆不行。SFP+ is mandatory, SFP is not going to work! 1
label printer   标签打印机 1
HOOk&LOOP   魔术贴