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ORS Assembly Parts Introduction

  • Last Update:2021-09-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Parts needed to assemble an Open Radio Station

This tutorial explains the different parts you need to assemble an Open Radio Station.


Custom Enclosure

LENOLINK Custom Enclosure with CN LINKO DH-24-RJ45-S01 Connector + DH-24-RJ45-P01 Plug, Dual N Female - SMA Female Connectors, SMA Female - SMA Female Connector, 12 VDC Green LED, Air Vent, Gasket, 316 Stainless Steel DIN 912 Screws (1 pc)


COMMELL LE-37GXIT5 3.5" SBC with Intel 6th Gen Core i5-6300U and Heat-Spreader (1 pc)


SDR Main Board

SDR Main Board (1 pc). Do not touch the component with the red circle drawn in the figure, or even touch it to the table. If you need to place the side with the component on the table, pad it with an insulating object.

Flash Card SSD

SQF-SMSM4-64G-S9E MSATA 64G MLC SSD -40-85°C (1 pc). It uses for the PC. 

Coax Cables

RF Coax Cables, Coax Type: RG402; Length: 8cm and 10 cm; Connector A: SMA Straight Plug; Connector B: MCX Right Angle Plug

RJ45 cables

CINCH CONNECTORS 73-7770-1, RJ45 UTP Cat 5e, 300 mm Cable (2 pcs)

Shielded Ribbon FFC Cable

FLEXCONN MCD36-200-6-G13S5K, MCD36-200(4/6)6-G13S5K, 200mm Shielded Ribbon FFC Cable, 36 Tin Plated Copper Conductors, 0.5 mm Pitch, D-Type, Side A Exposed Conductors on Top and Side B Exposed Conductors on Bottom, 4mm/4mm Exposed Conductors, 6mm/6mm Stiffener, UL2896, Pin 1,2,5,6,9,10,13,14,17,22,23,26,27 Grounded, CU+PET Shielding, Pin 1 Marking (1 pc)

PCI EXPRESS Adaptor Board

PCI EXPRESS Adaptor Board


no inventory yet

SQR-SD4M-4G2K1SNB SODIMM DDR4 2133 4GB -20-85°C (1 pc)


PHOENIX CONTACT PTSM 0,5/ 2-P-2,5 Connectors, 2 * 2.5 mm Contacts for 0.5 mm2 Cable