Sunwave E2E Testing with SimpleRAN


Why end-to-end testing?

SlapOS: 100% open source OSS/BSS proven beyond 2 million subscribers
Amarisoft: 100% software 4G/5G vRAN proven beyond 512 UE per cell

How can we accelerate end-to-end testing for each release of SlapOS OSS/BSS, Amarisoft stack, Sunwave firmware, Linux kernel, etc. ?

E2E testing with SlapOS and Simbox

By fully automating deployment, provisioning and UE tests with SlapOS OSS/BSS and Amarisoft Simbox

Example of E2E Test Method

    def test_ue_has_ip(self):
        result = self.recv()
        self.assertEqual(result['message'], 'ready', "lteue not ready")
        result = self.ue_get()
        ue_id = result['ue_id']


            result = self.ue_get()
            self.assertIn('pdn_list', result, "UE didn't connect")
            self.assertIn('ipv4', result['pdn_list'][0], "UE didn't get IPv4")

E2E Test Lab

E2T Test Results

No human is needed to check if all tests are passing, end-to-end

System integration of carrier-grade vRAN is accelerated x10

Thank You

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