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How To Test Your ORS

How To Test Your ORS
  • Last Update:2021-03-26
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Requirements
  • Insert Rapid Space SIM card
  • Turn on the mobile data
  • Enjoy 4G network


Insert Rapid Space SIM card

Please insert one of Rapid Space SIM cards into your smartphone and restart your phone to ensure the connection.

Internet setting

For connecting your device to internet, APN (Access Point Names) setting must be configured at UE side to match ORS setting.
Example on Samsung S5 device:
• Go to Settings/More networks/Mobile networks
• Turn on Data roaming
• Go back to Mobile network.
• Add the first APN with the following parameters:

  • Name = Internet
  • APN = internet
  • APN type = internet,default
  • Keep other parameters as default
• Save it and select it.

Enjoy 4G network

If everything is fine, there will be a 4G signal on your phone interface and you will be able to surf the internet freely.