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How To Add A Ticket To Contact Rapid.Space Team

How to use a ticket to contact Rapid.Space team to ask for support
  • Last Update:2021-03-17
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
  • Go to ticket section
  • Add new ticket
  • Fill in ticket content
  • Ticket created
  • Close ticket

Follow these steps to create new ticket to contact Rapid.Space team for support.

Login to Rapid.Space Panel

🔗 Rapid Space Panel


You will land on the Services page once you login to Rapid Space Panel. There are several sections in the panel:

First go to the Tickets section.

Go to Tickets section


In this section, you see a list of all your past tickets and their status, click anyone of them you can consult its details. However, in this tutorial, what we need is to initiate a new ticket to ask for support from Rapid.Space Team. So, click on + Add.

Add new ticket


You will be directed to a new ticket creation dialogue where you can choose the type of ticket as showing in the screenshot, and fill in the subject and message as well. 

Fill in ticket content


Once all fields are filled, click on Proceed to confirm creation.

Ticket created


A message (in green background) will pop up to notify you that this new ticket is created. 

Ticket created


Refresh this page, you will see your initial message in listed under the ticket view. The status of the Ticket is Opened. You can +Add more message to this ticket, if anyone from Rapid.Space team replied you, his/her message will be displayed under this ticket view as well. All communication history concerning this ticket between you and Rapid.Space team will be listed here. 

Once the problem is solved, you or the Rapid.Space Team can click on Close to close this ticket.

Close ticket


Once the ticket is closed, you will see the state on the ticket view changed to "Closed".