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HowTo Install Operating System

How to install an operating system in the VM and the options of operating systems
  • Last Update:2020-07-27
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HowTo Install Operating System

This document covers the steps of install an Operating system on your VM. Please note that before starting this, you should have the VM and the state bar is showing green.

Table of Content

  • Install Debian 10 by Default
  • Install Other Linux Distributions
  • Install Windows and others

Rapid Space Install Operating System

You are free to install any operating system on your VM. Although a Debian 10 install image is pre-installed for you. Here we will introduce three options to install operating system. 

Open your VM

Rapid Space Console_kvm-url Screenshot

Open your VM by clicking  kvm[your_VM_number]-url on your console. 

Option 1: Install default Debian 10

By default, Rapid Space VM has provided Debian 10 image for installation. Please follow the https://www.linuxtechi.com/debian-10-buster-installation-guide/ to complete the installation.

Option 2: Install other Linux distributions


We provide a list of NBD IP for installation of other linux distributions: 

  • debian10.nbd.vifib.net
  • debian9.nbd.vifib.net
  • ubuntu1804.nbd.vifib.net
  • ubuntu1604.nbd.vifib.net

We provide also a clonezilla ISO image (clonezilla-live-2.6.6-15-amd64.iso) at:

  • clonezilla.nbd.vifib.net

The NDB image is at position 3. in the boot menu. The DVD of Debian 10 is at position 4 (when you have configured a NDB image).

Option 2 - Step 1: Fill in the NBD hostname or IP of your preferable distribution

Fill in the NBD hostname or IP of your preferable distribution into the field in your console and save.

Option 2 - Step 2: Stop the service and save

Wait 5 minutes after the change. 

Option 2 - Step 3: Start the service

Start the service and save, wait 5 minutes, you will have the installation image ready

Option 3: Install windows on your VM

If you want to install Windows, please send us the windows operating system installation image you want to install, and we will prepare it for you.


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