Hyper Open Edge Cloud

HowTo Understand Console Interface

How to understand and use the buttons and messages on the console interface
  • Last Update:2020-01-29
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Login to Console

You can login to console by click https://console.rapid.space/ and enter your login and password. 

Logged in View

After login, there are two parts on the view:  Sidebar (on the left) and Operation Interface (on the right).  On the Sidebar, there are Subscriptions, Account, Tickets, Invoices, FAQ , Logout and Get Freefib Token! 

Click on each of them, it will change the operating interface on the right side. Now we will explain each operation interface.


By default, after login, the operating interface is Subscriptions.

click on one of the subscription, you will be directed to the details of your subscription. 


Here you have information of your account. 


Check ticket state and answers from Rapid Space support team. 


You can find all your invoices on this operating interface and download it in pdf version as you prefer. 


You will be redirected to the users FAQ page on Rapid Space Handbook website. 


Click to logout from the console. 

Get Freefib Token!