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Why is Rapid.Space VPS so cheap?

Why Is Rapid.Space VPS so cheap?
  • Last Update:2020-08-13
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Rapid.Space is not cheap.

Rapid.Space approach is to provide a fair price for a minimalist yet very powerful service which can be repatriated at any time by its customers.

Compared to most public cloud services, Rapid.Space simplifies portability, reversibility and repatriation. By relying on less services (200+ for most public clouds), Rapid.Space reduces the risk of vendor lock-in. Yet, thanks to the possible addition of custom cloud services, Rapid.Space is as powerful or even more powerful than most public clouds.

Rapid.Space price is in the same order of magnitude as European public clouds such as Hetzner or Scaleway. It is much lower than American or Chinese public clouds because, for some obscure reason, Chinese or American market can accept prices that are an order of magnitude more expensive than in Europe.