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HowTo Manage OCP Server Information Properly

How to manage your OCP servers' information to follow Rapid.Space hardware standard
  • Last Update:2021-07-07
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

Once the installation of servers are completed, in order to well-organise and manage servers' information, it is necessary to follow the server naming standard to name each server and label it on each server. 

Step 1: Naming and labeling servers

Naming standard: [Location]-[Server Model]-[Number], for example, Xinzhou-tiogapass-012.

The name of the server should be printed  in a tag and pasted on the server as indicated in the photo: 

Step 2: Collect MAC information of each server and create a spreadsheet table

In order to manage the MAC information and other details of each server, please collect MAC information and related information on each server as following photo indicated and fill those information in a spreadsheet table: 

Server Model  Machine name Position in rack Port number on the switch MAC Address BMC (MAC2) MAC address P0 (MAC1) MAC address SFP0 MAC address SFP1 System S/N MiTAC P/N Motherboard S/N Motherboard P/N Mellanox Network card S/N Mellanox Network card P/N
example: Tiogapass xinzhou-tiogapass-004 33R 7 00:22:4d:d9:48:db 00:22:4d:d9:48:da b8:59:9f:07:7f:ba b8:59:9f:07:7f:bb 1951TPSDM0006 5262C4390025 MF2E-A001JG 411C4390056 MT1915K12232 MCX4421A-XCQN

Here's where you find the information on each server, also please refer Guidelines serial numbers to find all the information:

Once you have the spreadsheet table filled up, please share it with Rapid.Space team by sending email to: support@rapid.space

Step 3: Manage cables 

It is important to also organise all the cables in the rack by following the Rapid.Space standard: HowTo Manage Physically The Cables In OCP Rack

Step 4: Indicate server number on its related cable

The last step is to indicate the server number on its related cable. On each cable near the switch side, there should have a tag that indicates its connected server 's number, as the following photo shows: