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Vifib HowTo Register and Create User Account

FINAL - Document showing how to register and create a user account on Vifib.com
  • Last Update:2018-06-22
  • Version:001
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HowTo Register and Create User Account

This howto covers the steps of registering a user account with ViFiB and it's SlapOS master including making the initial payment to activate the account.

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  • Vifib Registration

Vifib Registration

ViFiB runs a network of decentralized servers that provide software instances related to the software stack of Nexedi. In order to use ViFiB, registration is required. Once an account is activated users can request instances of available software or add their own machines to the ViFiB network (IPv6 and highspeed internet required). ViFiB will invoice instance usage consumption and is able to provide clearing.

Vifib - Login

Vifib Homepage

Go to www.vifib.com and click the Login button in order to register.

Vifib - Register

SlapOS Interface - Login Screen

Click on Create New Account to go the registration form.

Vifib - Register New User

SlapOS Interface - User Registration

Fill out all fields and click Register New User.

You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Click on the activation link in this message to confirm your email address. You will receive a second email once your account has been activated.

Note that at the time of writing url redirection might not be set correctly. Should you receive an error after following the authentication link, access the page from https://slapos.vifib.com/.

Vifib - Initial Payment

Vifib Interface - List of invoices

Vifib is using the standard SlapOS Interface dashboard with some extensions for custom services and handling payments.

To be able to use Vifib's services you have to make an initial payment of 2 Euros. Locate your list of invoices by clicking on the Invoices link on the side menu. Click on the invoice and follow the instructions for paying. Once your invoice is confirmed as paid, you can start using Vifib's services.

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