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System Backup

This page provides a list of system backups.
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This page provides a list of system backups.

Table of Contents

Amazon S3

A backup web service which provides a collection of open source / free software libraries in about any language.


Backup PC

A perl script based backup solution for backup based on standard transfer protocols (SMB, rsync) which does not require any client setup.



Advanced multi-platform client/server backup solution with the same kind of features as the ones found in high end proprietary solutions.


Box Backup

A client/server backup solution able to transfer files "à la rsync"


Debian Planet on Automatic Installation and Backup

Article with many comments published in Debian Planet on Backup and Automated Install


EncFS (Article in Oreilly)

A new and different approach to this problem is EncFS. EncFS runs in userspace, meaning that you do not have to compile kernel modules or have administrative rights. Its most important feature is being able to encrypt not the whole filesystem or partitions, but separate directories.



HiveCache is a distributed software solution that allows an enterprise to capture under-utilized disk space on company PCs as a secure, fault-tolerant data pool for providing innovative online backup and data storage solutions.


Linux Backup on Linux.org

A list of backup software links published on linux.org



A ruby based backup system which is probably used to maintain terrabytes of Debian archive.


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