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How To Add A New Network

How to add a new network
  • Last Update:2021-03-22
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
  • Access Network List
  • Add New Network

Networks correspond to Computer Networks in the underlying ERP5 interface and are also required to clearly distinguish computers being used.

Log into the Rapid.Space Panel

SlapOS Login

Log into the Rapid.Space Panel.

Network List

SlapOS Dashboard - Add Network

To continue, click on the Networks entry on the side menu. Once on the list of networks, click Add to add a network.

Name Network

SlapOS Dashboard - Name Network

Give the network a name and Save to continue.

Create Network

SlapOS Dashboard - Create Network

Once the network is created you will see it also has no computers or partitions associated right after creation. To associate a computer with this network, please follow How To Associate A Computer.

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