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How To Redirect VPS Ports On Rapid.Space

How to Redirect VPS Ports on Rapid.Space.
  • Last Update:2021-02-09
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

How to Redirect VPS Ports on Rapid.Space

Done with the Parameters in the Software Release. Allow to redirect an IPv6 port of the host instance to the port of the VPS.

Access Hosting Subscription

Access Advanced SlapOS UI

Once received your requested VPS (How to Request a Rapid.Space VPS), there will be a subscription for you in your Services list. 

Access the Subscription

Access Advanced Hosting Subscription


Locate Parameter Entry

Parameter Entry KVM0

You can scroll down to find Parameter Entry: KVM0, where you will configure the rules.

Default Rules For NAT

List of Rules for NAT Default

List of rules for NAT of QEMU user mode network stack, as comma-separated list of ports. For each port specified, it will redirect port x of the VM (example: 80) to the port x + 10000 of the public IPv6 (example: 10080). Defaults to none.

Edit Rules

Input the ports as you want. Here is an example of editing rules: 22 80 443. They will be redirect to port 10022 10080 10443 in 5 minutes.

Wait for rules application

You can enter the your KVM0 software instance to wait the connection parameters. 

Access new Rule

Your redirected ports are listed on your Connection Parameters.

SSH access

ssh your_username@ipv6_address -p 10022

Here is an example applying the rules to ssh usage. Since port 22 is for ssh, you can access your vps by ssh your_username@ipv6_address -p 10022. According to the previous screenshot, there is "nat-rule-port-tcp-22 2001:67c:1254:64::ea6f : 10022". We can thus: 

ssh my_username@2001:67c:1254:64::ea6f -p 10022